Employee Spotlight – Natasha Prescott, EA 12.02.2019 | by scaaadmin

At SC Audit and Accounting Solutions we encourage continuing education and wish to shine the spotlight on one of our very own Senior Tax Accountants for recently receiving her designation as an Enrolled Agent.

Congratulations to Natasha Prescott, EA!

Natasha had studied countless hours to pass all three parts of the Special Enrollment Exam, while continuing to work full-time and remain on track for her bachelor’s degree. When we asked what gave her the motivation to work so hard to achieve her new status, she explained that she is committed to the (accounting) field and that with her new designation she will be able to help many more people. It will be very exciting to see what more she will accomplish as she already does a great job as head of our Non-Profit department.

Personal growth was another motivating factor for her; Natasha believes you should never stop learning and growing. From there she went on to share some words of advice for those who might be interested in advancing their own credentials by sitting for the Enrolled Agent Exam (S.E.E.).

First and foremost, “Commit to It”. Find your personal “why?” to help you stay motivated. It will be a lot of work and studying, but your self-discipline and your “why?” will help see you through it.

Next, schedule your first exam right away; you can do it weeks or even months in advance. By scheduling a specific end date, you are assigning a deadline to your goal. This deadline can add to your self-motivation. (It is important to note for scheduling purposes that this is a three-part exam. You have two years from the date you pass the first section to complete the other two sections). Visit Prometric.com to schedule your first exam and receive more information.

Lastly, she highly suggests the use of programs specifically designed to prepare you to pass the S.E.E. Natasha used both Gleim.com and Surgent.com . These range from $500 to $700 each and in her opinion they both are worth the investment; and so are you! She further shared that Gleim has very detailed, in-depth information, while Surgent has great video content plus valuable practice exam materials.

Though it wasn’t available to her as it is just beginning this year, Yavapai College is now offering a new course program to help students prepare to sit for the S.E.E. and receive an IRS Enrolled Agent Certificate.

Thank you, Natasha, for sharing your words of wisdom, and for inspiring us all with your many accomplishments. It is an immense pleasure to have you as a part of our amazing team here at SC Audit and Accounting Solutions.