Since its foundation in 2014, SCAA has become one of the fastest growing CPA firms in the Prescott area.  We currently have two offices conveniently located in Prescott.

We maintain a work environment that values our people.  We are dedicated to achieving the highest ethical and professional standards.  We build a team of trained professionals who understand our clients’ issues and challenges.  We anticipate their needs and provide innovative services and solutions. We believe in going beyond the expectations of our clients.

We provide tax services, audit, and accounting & bookkeeping services. We are also a specialized provider of governmental and non-profit accounting services.  We provide services on different levels that range from basic bookkeeping to more complex matters like budget preparation and business consulting.

We serve the community around Arizona, particularly non-profit organizations, government entities, special districts, small businesses and individual taxpayers.

We give back through community service and involvement with non-profit organizations.  We volunteer our time for various organizations to make our community a better place.

We are committed to providing a positive experience and added value for our people, our clients and our community.


C. Stephen Crandall, CPA
Scott Helfinstine, CPA, CFP
Doc Crandall, CPA
John Sullivan
Natasha Prescott
Edith Jaime
Gina Ferguson
Nicole Chisum
Veronica Mobley
Colleen Easton
Darby Thomas
Jazmine Zepeda
Dave Armstrong
Gaby Chaparro
Susan Gadd


Tyler Trump